How can I use CyberPoint wireless Internet?
A. CyberPoint Wireless access uses the WiFi standard
(also known as IEEE 802.11b/g). Most users can simply bring their
wireless-enabled laptop computer or other wireless device to the
hotspot area and turn it on. The computer will automatically
recognize the wireless network. If your laptop does not have
wireless built-in, you can install a WiFi- compatible network card
(available at the service counter). We cannot guarantee your
equipment will work with CyberPoint network.

Do I need any password to connect?
A. Yes. You can purchase CyberPoint User Account from the service
counter at any CyberPoint Hotspot. You can use your CyberPoint User Account at any CyberPoint Hotspot area.

How does it work?
A.You can check CyberPoint Wireless access point locations at Coverage Area Section. (Click) You should be able to connect anywhere, when your wireless network card detects a signal. A message will appear on the screen indicating a wireless network is available. Open your web browser it will automatically connect to or specific CyberPoint Hotspot Homepage, then you have to input CyberPoint User Account & Password and click login button. After login process is completed, you can enjoy browsing the internet. When you want to Logout, please go to or type "", and then click "Logout"  button.

What about virus protection and security?
A. It is solely the responsibility of the wireless device owner/user to provide anti-virus protection, and to provide the appropriate security settings to control access from other wireless devices. Your information is not protected while using wireless, unless you are connected to a web page that employs encryption (banking, financial services, online shopping stores, etc.) Keep this in mind if you are accessing sensitive business or personal information.

When is CyberPoint WiFi access available?
A. Generally, CyberPoint WiFi Network is available 24 hours. However, it might be different for some hotspot areas such as restaurant, coffee shop or Internet Caf?’, which can access during the open hours only .

Can I print while using wireless?
A. Yes. If there are any printer available. If  not, please save your work to disk or email files to yourself, then login to CyberPoint workstation at the Business Center and send files to a printer. The printing charge is different for each service point.

How can I check my account usage time?
A. Please go to and then click the “Check Usage Time” Button on the right hand side of the page. (Show button picture) In order to save your access time, it is necessary to logout appropriately by using logout button (Show button picture) or type "", every time when you finished using internet browsing.

Do you have help desk support in case I need some technical assistant?
A.You can call our help desk support at 0-2100-3999 which available to solve your technical problems 24 hours. However, please note that our support has some limit for your specific equipment.

Can I access my personal email account through CyberPoint WiFi network?
A. Yes, You can access any web-based email account such as or You can also access corporate email accounts if your employer provides you with a virtual private network (VPN) client and a firewall. As previously mention above, CyberPoint Wi-Fi service is not inherently secure and you should ensure you have adequate security safeguards in place. For more detail about Email set up, please go to E-mail Set up Section. (SMTP)


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